Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's Coming

An excited vocalist finally speaks. Apologies that this first entry has taken so long to put together, but the mysteries evolving within the walls of The Tank are sometimes difficult to express in words. I am sitting on the couch with laptop in lap, looking at SeƱor Saarilahti jamming out on the guitar to our dangerously infectious new afropop tune. He is wearing my swimming goggles in the process. I was supposed to call it a night earlier and take off to do my usual 1 km in the local pool (in search of lyrical inspiration), but alas, my goggles have been stripped from me. Only to be worn by a bald creature that sounds like a Magic System album and looks like a space alien. I'm just glad he's not wearing my trunks too.

And no, our fourth full length LP will not be all spaced out afropop - nor all country or heavy metal. The process is still in its early stages, and the number of tracks we've actively worked on is now up to about half a dozen. Yet we've already managed to Kris Kross (and Jump Jump) from electro rock to a kind of Bristol-esque sound, from gypsy-hop to a new acoustic ballad. Yours truly has even conjured up his first ever beats within Garage Band, some of which – if not quite a match to the late great J-Dilla, YET – may end up making the album in one form or another. We shall see. Still waiting to hear from Pekka to find out how his first beats are coming along.

Most of the usual suspects are once again at work, Juuso has already popped in from across the hallway to do some percussion takes. Felix has been spotted too, in between his promotional tours to South America. Emma will surely follow suit too in the upcoming months, as will our main man Mr. Pekka "P6" Kuusisto. The normal minimum wage in lattes per hour should do the trick in luring them in. We've also got some ideas on new collaboration partnerships, but let's not lift the veil of secrecy too much yet.

A tentative plan has been set with the record company to release the new album in Spring 2009. Which, for those of you with some skills in logic and numbers, should not come as a great surprise. 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009 – We're nothing if not consistent.

That's it for now, friends. Take care and enjoy the summer wherever you may spend it. More info and bizarre moments from the underground to follow in the months ahead.