Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cool 'er down

As the first afternoon rolls on, we finally get the equipment to work (more or less), and as the sun starts to come out again, Kari and Johannes have recovered from the setbacks by jamming together on the guitar and the melodica. Inspired by some Buena Vista Social Club and a 1970's Ry Cooder album, they come up with an idea for a new song. I pitch in with a working title for the song, "Dry Cooler". The relaxed downtempo vibe of the track is quickly captured, and I immediately start writing some new verses for it.

In an hour or two, the atmosphere of the Finisterre Sessions has turned from complete despair to one of excited optimism. Hot damn!

After some initial lyrics are jotted down, I resume my duties as the head chef, and shift my aim to making us dinner. Some more fried sausage with both oven cooked and boiled local potatoes. As the evening rolls around, Kari and Johannes continue recording and working on the structure for the new track. And I get back on my laptop to write some more.

In the end, Kari and Johannes reward themselves for the first day's productivity with another two man hot tub session. (I know.) The wind has changed direction outside, and it's a beautiful warm night out. I myself find the jacuzzi a little too "hot" to handle, and decide to just crash instead. There is hope. Another new track! And we're off!



  1. Hauskaa lukea näitä teidän seikkailuja. Levyä jo kovasti odotan minäkin. Annukka

  2. Teette hyvää musaa!

  3. Ois mahtavaa jo saada kuulla uusia biisejä, mutta pitää kai vaan odotella vielä... ;) Tsemppiä munkin puolesta!

  4. nice site visually and great music guys. good luck with the new album.

  5. Hienot uudet sivut teillä! Oi toukokuu, mikset sä jo tuu...

  6. Jonne, Anon, Eeva, Teija: Kiitti kommenteista! Vielä pitää vähän odotella. Epämääräisiä vilahduksia biiseistä ja uusista soundeista alkaa pilkahdella studiovideoissa siellä täällä. Ensimmäinen sinkku putkahtaa myös radioon jo tuossa maaliskuun alkupuolella... siitä piakkoin lisätietoa.

    jp: Thanksss!